Vi passer på jer - og vores medarbejdere

Vi glæder os til at give jer de bedste oplevelser på vores Danhostel
Vi har alle et stort ansvar for at undgå smittespredning af Coronavirus/COVID-19 og følge sundhedsmyndighedernes anbefalinger.

Information coronavirus (COVID-19)


Our guests and personelles security and health is very important to us. We do not compromise and we do follow the guidelines given to restaurants and hotels by the government, so you as a guest can feel safe while enjoying your stay. The new guidelines from the government makes it so that all serving must end at 10 pm, which makes not only the restaurant but also the Hikers kitchen and the common room unavailable. Mask is required to enter the restaurant.

We’re taking care of you:

We’re looking forward to bidding you welcome. We all have a responsibility to avoid the spreading of COVID-19 and follow the guidelines from the government. Therefore, you have to stay home if you have the typical symptoms of COVID-19. If you during your stay at Danhostel develop symptoms of COVID-19, contact your own doctor and the host of Danhostel (by phone! Do not enter the building), and we will figure out a solution for you. Following recommendation must be followed:

  • Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • Avoid shaking hands, kisses on the cheek and hugs
  • Avoid physical contact
  • Stay at least 1 meter away from other people
  • 4 m2 pr. person in the rooms
  • Max 50 people in each room
  • 2 sq. m. pr person in the restaurant
  • Must use hand santizer with using the buffet
  • Children under 12 year old must not use buffet on their own

Vi holder afstand

  • 4m2 pr. person i lokaler
  • Holder mindst 1 meters afstan
  • Max 50 personer samlet i hver rum
  • 2 kvm. pr. person i spisesalen, medmindre kunderne det pågældende sted står op (i givet fald er kravet 4 kvm. pr. person)
  • Max 50 personer i hver gruppe i spisesalen


  • Der skal bruges sprit samt handsker ved buffet.
  • Børn under 12 år må ikke selv forsyne sig ved buffeten men skal have hjælp af en voksen.


  • We are making sure to clean within the governments guidelines.
  • We are making sure to disinfect the surfaces and things like doorhandles, keys and cardterminal with either soap or antibacterial wipes.
  • Our guests are welcome to bring their own linen.
  • There is handsanitizer in the reception, common access bathrooms, conference rooms and the Hikers’ kitchen.

Hikers’ kitchen

  • Using the Hikers kitchen is at your own risk.
  • There is a max of 10 people in the kitchen.
  • We will make sure the kitchen is clean and sanitized, as always.
  • You are welcome to bring your own service.

How we handle if a guest or an employee develops symptoms

If a guest develops symptoms of COVID-19 during their stay, the guest is encouraged to stay in their room and contacts their own doctor. Until the test results are back, the guest must be isolated. If the guest is positive, they must leave the hostel as fast as possible and until then, isolate. Because it can go up to 72 hours before the test results are back, it can be discussed if the guest should leave before. If a guest has been positive with COVID-19 in a room, the room will be disinfected, everything that can be washed or changed will be, and after this the room will be vacant for 48 hours.

If symptoms occur, the employee will be sent home and must not come into work until the employee has been symptom free for 48 hours.


Change and cancellation but be by mail at Don’t forget to write your reference number when contacting us.

It is very regrettable if the event you had planned needs to be cancelled – we hope you will consider moving your reservation instead of cancelling. We would like to make you aware that we cannot change your booking if you have made it through eg., expedia or – in the future we recommend booking directly through us, which makes it easier for us to help you.