Teambuilding and activities

Skanderborg Lake is great for teambuilding, so if you wish to spice op your stay with exciting activities there’s plenty of options! Whether it be a trip in the canoes, a polobattle on the water, SUP or if you help the chef cook your dinner, plenty of fun is to be had! Just contact us, and we will accommodate your wishes.


The chef’s teambuilding

The classical teambuilding format, where you will experience, teamwork, roles and responsibility from new sides.


SUP – Stand Up paddle

Stand Up Paddle. Try a fin and wet experience with your colleagues – practice your balance, coordination and teamwork.


Teambuilding in canoe

Canoeing is a great way to spend time together with one’s colleagues in beautiful nature. You can take a peaceful trip or compete…

Beech forest in spring with the sun in the trees

Treeclimbing in the beechforest

Tree climbing is an exciting, challenging and physical activity. The activity can be customized to fit the persons level of experience.